The world is digital. And the way you handle documents, too.

No paperwork. No red tape. Clicked, formalized!

Old Way

In this management model, the flow of contracts and other business documents is time consuming, bureaucratic and expensive.

The Manual Document Flow

New Way

The new way to handle documents is secure, agile and happens 100% digitally

More freedom and productivity for you and your business. Clicked, formalized!

The Digital Document Flow

Advantages of the new way in the digital world:

✅ 97% reduction in document processing time

✅ 60% increase in team productivity

✅ 84% savings with paper and logistics

Analogue World vs. Digital World

Understand how it was in the traditional way and how it looks in the digital era.


Our mission is not only to simplify people's lives, but also to eliminate the use of paper from our routines.

Be part of this movement, join us in helping the environment

Environmental data

Save trees

93% of the paper comes from trees. Approximately 15.3 billion trees are cut each year. At Contraktor, we want to save trees every day with the use of eSignature and digital document management.

Source: Study by Thomas Crowther of the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Save water

To produce paper it takes twice the energy used to produce a plastic bag. A single sheet of paper consumes about 10 liters of water to be produced. Water is a valuable resource that we also want to preserve.

Source: The World Counts and Water Footprint Network.

Say goodbye to the old way of doing business

Connect people and documents, optimize processes, and gain more productivity.

Manage documents faster, securely, and legally.

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