eSignature and Document Workflow Management for everyone.

Sign, monitor, and manage
your documents
in one place!

Let go of control in spreadsheets for good

A set of solutions and
to automate
document management
in your business.


  •  Sending documents and requesting signatures;
  •  Unlimited number of signers per document;
  •  Guaranteed security and legal validity;
  •  Signing notification.


  •  Real-time status tracking;
  •  Complete document management (storage, control and customization);
  •  Cloud Storage (GED).


  •  Preparation of contracts from scratch;
  •  Complete automation of documents, deadlines, tasks and validity;
  •  Due notifications.
  •  Signing notification.

Forget the old way of dealing with documents

The old way to handle documents:

The new way to handle documents:

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Legal validity and security of eSignature

Understand the technology, integrity and authenticity of eSigning

Legal Validity

For an electronic document to be valid, Integrity and Authenticity are required.


Technology ensures that a document, in a virtual environment, will not change.

Different departments, same solution

Several areas of the company can use Contraktor to optimize the flow of documents and signatures! Check it out:

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